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Incredibly nice looking car.


Originally Posted by Rennsurfer View Post
I couldn't handle my front U.S. bumper stickin' out into next week, either. So I tucked it in.
You can see the writeup and pics, here: CLICK HERE for bumper tuck.

Car looks WAY better and it's a poor man's way of getting around the expense of Euro spec. bumpers. As for the rear reflector... those were aftermarket. Companies made 'em for BMWs, Datsun Z cars, Porsche 944s, and a few others during the late '70s & early '80s.

Nothing wrong with using an older European car as a daily driver. Just keep it maintained. Both of my daily drivers are old, too. But they're fun to drive and I loathe new cars, so it works out rather nicely. To each their own. Have fun with your car.

(edit) Well, since this is a thread asking for E21 cars...

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