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Originally Posted by Bombrush View Post
Is it really possible to get a new vehicle for having so much problems with mine?
It is possible under your state's lemon law - but you'll have to do some research on what constitutes a car being declared a lemon and having the vehicle replaced.

Usually, you will have to have documented proof that the car has been in for service for the issues described and was therefore not available for use by you - and this has to occur within a relatively short period of time.

And the only way to really have documented proof is to bring it to the dealer and have them take the car in with documented issues on the service record of the automobile. Based on your original post, I can't tell if you've brought the car in for all the issues described or only some.

But the first step is to do some research, then proceed accordingly. Chances are, if your dealer is keen on customer service, they and BMW NA will work with you to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, and this can include, as an example, remedies such as reimbursing you for some of the lease payment if it's leased.

Good luck...we're hoping to take possession of my wife's 4.8i in early April, I hope your situation is an isolated incident of a Friday build.

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