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Originally Posted by _zee View Post
looks like a childs toy
must of been cool back then...
They were not intended to be "cool"... they were intended to be cheap enclosed transportation after the war... don't forget, while we were reveling in our victory with larger and larger cars with bigger and bigger tail fins, the Europeans were rebuilding their lives from the ground up... From what I've read, many Isettas and other microcars were destroyed in the later years because nobody bothered to save them, because they were a reminder of harder times...

All that being said, they are toy-like in their "cute" factor... in fact, I have a nice Japanese tin one about a foot long that I picked up years ago at a flea market... the guy didn't know what it was but he asked about $100 for it since it was Japanese tin and in really good shape... A couple of years later I saw one just like it at a collector show and they wanted $400 for it! (At that same show, I could have bought an Isetta "driver" for $5K... I wish I had... )
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