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Originally Posted by jeffx5 View Post
I am sorry that you guys are having problems too. My 07 X5 4.8i has been having multiple problems also. My problems seem to be different from yours...
1. Parking Brake malfunction... three occurences...locks parking brake on...had to be towed in twice, and I manually released it once, and drove it to dealer. This time they told me it is a software issue. They want me to pick up car... They told me that until a software fix can be developed that I should not set the parking brake until I turn off the ignition !!! I have not picked up car yet.
2. Thumping noise under from under car when going over bumps and potholes--multiple visits and various repair attempts...none seem to work...
3. Clicking noise from dashboard vents when heater is on and car moving... two visits... unable to diagnose
4. Front driver seat creaks like crazy... multiple visits.. finally they replaced driver seat and corrected problem.
I guess that they are all different.

Problem # 1

SI B 34 01 08
When the parking brake is activated with the engine running, the vehicle's service brakes are applied via the Dynamic Stability Control System (DSC). After the ignition is switched off, the DSC signals the EMF to apply the parking brake shoes at the rear wheel brakes. During the ignition cycle, the signal between the DSC and the EMF can be interrupted. If the signal is interrupted, fault code 6032 MECH FORCE is stored in the EMF module, and the parking brake warning is illuminated.

This situation will be corrected via a software update, available as of March 2008.
(parking brake should only be switched on and/or activated with the engine switched off until available)

Problem # 2

Suspension components may have become loose or damaged. An insufficiently tightened lower front control arm or thrust arm may also cause this condition. Be aware of describing the exact noise (knock/clunk/thump/etc..) ,if it can easily be reproduced roadtest the vehicle with a tech.

Problem # 3

It may be possible that the blower motor (located under the glovebox) is contacting the blower housing and channels the noise through the center vents.The blower motor contacting the housing is a known issue and replacing the blower motor would be the repair.

Functional Bookmark Button #3 Inoperative or Activates on its Own is a known issue and the repair requires modification of the carrier.Modifying means shaving off .7 mm. and IMO is sort of a PITA.This modification is done only if button #3 cannot be pushed in as far as the other buttons of the front panel,otherwise replacing the carrier button on the CCC would be the fix.

There are a lot of known issues that are easily repaired and Service Information are readily available in order to minimize lengthy diagnosis procedures.The more y'all are aware,the more you can educate dealerships that employ "factory trained technicians" if they appear to have lied about their claims.

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