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Originally Posted by hoopics View Post
I know someone in the market for an X3, so when I visited the dealer yesterday looking at an e93 for myself, I asked the sales guy "I'm leery of the X3, because of the tranmission problems. Any truth in them?"

He said:

1. Yes, a batch of X3's in the 07 / 08 model year were produced with transmission problems.

2. Those problems have been fixed through a software patch, and the models on their lot now, which were built after the problem was fixed, should all be fine.

3. People on the Internet talk too much.

Take all that for what you will. Do any of you have any confidence that a new build X3 will in fact be problem free?
Not unless it's an MT. (and now there seems to be people reporting "Stalling Out" problems with them).
  • When BMWNA owns up to the problem--openly
  • Fixes or makes good on the current users
  • And 08 owners stop reporting problems

Then I'll believe them. Until then they have done nothing but Lie, Deny, and stick to their story that there is "No Problem Found".

The latest "Software Fix" is only a partial fix. And major problems still occur, especially under cold weather conditions. Great for an AWD vehicle that people buy to handle inclement weather.

If there was "No Problem Found" than all these people that are trading out, getting them bought back, suing, or just not buying must be liars.

To have confidence in the vehicle there must be confidence in the mfg and their support structure.

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