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expensive to get out of lemon

Originally Posted by matti View Post
Why would anyone buy another BMW and risk having another problem they won't even admit to let alone solve. There are too many other good vehicles out there. I should of bought the Sante Fe. Sure it doesn't handle like the BMW but it was 60% of the cost.
The Lemon Law states that there is a useage fee the consumer has to pay for a repurchase or a replacement vehicle. "Whether you bought or leased the vehicle, a replacement would be identical or reasonably equivalent to your
present vehicle. You would be responsible for paying the manufacturer a deduction (offset) for use, based on a
formula that includes the miles you put on the vehicle up until the time you made the request to the
manufacturer. [(Miles purchase price) 100,000]
A refund to you for a vehicle you leased would include:
 Your down payment or any initial balloon payment;
 The amount allowed for any trade-in; and
 Incidental costs associated with the repair of the vehicle, such as towing, alternate transportation or
repair charges.
A refund for a vehicle you bought would include:
The purchase price (the amount you agreed to pay before taxes were added and any trade-in value or
down payment subtracted);
Collateral charges (including but not limited to sales tax and other government charges, dealer charges,
dealer-installed items, extended warranty, and all interest you paid on any loan from a lending
institution); and
Incidental costs associated with repairing the vehicle, such as towing, alternate transportation or repair
Minus a deduction or offset for the miles you put on the vehicle, up until the time of your request that
the manufacturer buy back the vehicle. [(Miles purchase price) 100,000]."
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