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Originally Posted by beemer540ia View Post
BMW of North America sent an engineer to look at my car and the damages. They determined that the thermostat failed and caused a short in the electrical wiring. BMW claims that if I brought my car in for regular 'unscheduled' maintenance that they would have caught the wire aging and replaced it. Let me remind you that the wiring harnes and labor is about $1,500.00 not that I think my wiring harness would goto crap in 7 years! BMW seemed to learn something from this and are looking at ways to improve future models so this does not happen with newer models. Not much they can do for us. So my word of caution to all BMW owners; Do no rely on your car telling you to take it in for service! I always brought mine in when a check engine light came on, or it needed an oil change. This is not the case with BMW. You need to just bring it in so many miles to have a look by BMW. I can guarantee that anytime yuo do bring it in they WILL find something to replace and most likely it will cost you over $1k.

I must say BMW did offer me a favorable settlement for the damages, which I can't talk about but they did free my mind about buying another BMW in my future.

Take Care and Safe Cruising!
Good for you, Seems that there is a better ending to this story. It seems bmw chooses what cases to take care of. I had to spend around 3K on my car with less then 17K miles on due to the trunk floor/subframe ripping issues and bmws reply was " Thank you for the input we will use this information to help in building cars in the future"
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