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By the way, I finally got my DICE unit to play pure music, free of any noise or clicking!!!!!! It took about 4 tries, beginning with the original DICE unit, 2 replacement DIce units, and ultimately with a Silverline unit. But I don't think it was the Silverline that fixed my noise problems. In fact I still had the clicking noises when I first installed the Silverline through the trunk interface (like all my other previous installatations.)

The real solution was when I decided to install the unit at the radio head unit, instead of the trunk interface. To do this, I had to shell out another $50 bucks on EAS's Radio Connect Harness (R17). But it was totally worth it, since all my noise issues have been solved.

For anyone else having chronic noise issues with you DICE unit (whether original or Silverline), I highly recommend trying the radio interface installation. After about a year trying to figure out why?? why?? why?? it sounded the way it did.. i finally got it to sound like I always knew it could... VERY satisfied.
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