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Originally Posted by onesixeight View Post
Like many of you on this thread, I'm also having a number of problems with my X5.

Most of mine are related to iDrive failures, but recently I've been having high battery drain, to which the dealer says they can't find any fault, but I've made sure to take pictures and document every time it happens.
SI B 61 01 08 states : If the vehicle has been switched off for a lengthy period of time (longer than 70 minutes), the following Check Control message may appear the next time that the ignition or engine is switched on: "Vehicle battery! Increased battery discharge while stationary (when engine off)". The instrument cluster also displays the appropriate CC symbol (yellow car on lift).
Retrofitted electrical after-market equipment (hands-free system, navigation system, GPS system, entertainment systems, etc.) is connected to terminal 30 in error.

The IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor) regularly monitors the battery's discharge current while the engine is off after 70 minutes (full sleep mode). If the off-load current exceeds 80mA after 70minutes from terminal R off, the CC message above will be displayed.

Originally Posted by onesixeight View Post
Currently, my rear trunk lid is rattling and the driver seat. The driver seat is just the worst one yet, because every time you hit the brakes or accelerate, the whole seat squeaks and makes this binding noise.
If the rattle is heard from the upper trim on the tailgate, the cause is there is contact made between the upper tailgate trim and the tailgate itself.The repair would be insulating the back side of the tailgate trim by installing foam blocks.Another possibility is a poorly adjusted tailgate and striker but this would cause the "Trunk Open" check control message to be displayed while driving.Along with that and the rattle, high closing efforts may also be present if NOT adjusted properly.
As for the seat, outlined in SI B52 03 08 is the situation :
One or both of the front seats may feel as though they are moving slightly from side to side during cornering. At the same time, a faint clicking noise may be heard from the bottom frame area of the seat.The pivot pin bolt on the front seat may have excessive play, causing a slip-stick effect. Removing the pivot pin bolt (which secures the seat rail to the seat base.)and installing a new pivot pin bolt torqued to 30 +/-3 Nm. would be the repair procedure.
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