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My Wife's X3. A 2005 has started doing some of the things mentioned in the 2007 AT problem posts.

Kicking down from 2000 RPM in light throttle driving the vehicle will start to surge, if you nail it it clears. Also it will hold in gear sometimes at 3000 RPM on flat ground for some time.

Is this all part of this greater AT issue? I see reference to 07's a lot, and the odd 06 but not 05's.

If you feel this is related what is my best course of resolution or as good as it gets fix? It's been to the dealer twice now and it feels some what better tonight but still on occasions will produce the egg shaped wheel feeling

Unfortunately our car is a US vehicle now living in Canada and we own it outright.

Do we know if the 05's had a modified GM A/T??? What were BMW thinking of??? GM parts in a BMW for cripes sake!
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