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Just wondering

Is the Maxlife OK for our ZF tranny? I have seen people here are very careful about fluid being used on their ZF tranny (including me). I just spent $15 x 5 quarts = $75 on the Esso LT fluid only (from

Originally Posted by bull View Post
Hi Riro,

1) MaxLife and RP 75-90

2) I'm going to wait on the second drain and refill (still trying to decide to go synthetic...and what kind)

For those interested...have 79K on my 03 525i. Got the trans filter from Napa for $35 and the Maxlife from Wally World for 3.58/qtr. The RP diff oil cost me $12/qtr. I bought a hand pump from Autozone for 10. Already had the other I spent approx $95 for doing the differential, trans and power steering.

The trans pan looked many of the other pics I saw...maybe even a bit less in drudge on the magnets. The fluid was a light clear darkness...almost along the lines of dirty water. I did not break any pan bolts...although I tended to overtorch. This is definitely a job for a lift if one can get someone to let them use theirs.

Thanks again Riro...would not have tackled the trans without your DIY.

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