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Originally Posted by Terry J. Harris View Post
Hill program, smell program . . . . My Z3 doesn't have any of these bells and whistles, and it goes up hills just fine - and believe me we've got more than a few out here where I live at 6K plus. All I have to do in that BMW is give it a little gas. It's an amazing thing - giving the car a little gas - responds by taking me right up that hill, accelerating with ease. Never bogs down, and certainly doesn't suffer intermittent lacks of confidence or any identity crisis.

Seriously though, the X3 is one troubled thinker when it comes to going forward - reverse seems pretty consistent, however. For those that keep trying to explain away this really poor performance of the X3, all I can say is don't save me a spot on the sidewalk as the Emperor rides by.
Mine works fine. I dunno, I don't know what others define as their "ideal" transmission behaviour. I really like the way mine works...........fairly aggressive on keeping the revs up but still smooth and leisurely when I accelerate slowly around town.

I'll tell you this, on the '06 325i it practically never holds lower gears when accelerating up hills and mountains. Perhaps its because it's a lighter car and has more power. I'm disappointed in the 325i because when I push harder to accelerate, it doesn't downshift and it feels like its just trying to save gas by keeping revs below 2500rpm at all times. It's the laziest gearbox ever. But perhaps this is what some of the folks want.........maybe they don't want a motor revving 4000rpm for a few miles for better passing ability.

I can tell you this: if I override the program and try to go up a grade at freeway speeds in top gear only, passing anyone is out of the question. My X3 needs 4th to pass or gain any sort of speed in a timely manner. So I'm glad it holds the revs high.
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