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Originally Posted by M3-ADDICT View Post
I was given a 335I as a loaner. It was a fast car, but very doll and boring. It wasn't a car that I would wake up on Saturday and Sundays and just say, I'm going to go randomly drive it.

Also when I was commuting to work, I always felt like I had to prove something to someone. I had to prove to people that the 335I was fast, so I was constantly driving like a maniac getting people's attention. Always looking to see if other cars were looking at it. (Rice Mode Activated). At the end of the day, it was just another 3 series within the many new ones on the road.

When I got my M3 back, that was no longer the case. Wouldn't want the 335I even if it had 500HP. I think this is why a lot of 335I are on the market for sale. The first a few weeks, the owners love the raw power. After a while, due to dispassionate connectivity of the car to the road, it just doesn't seem as exciting.
well said,VERY well said...M3 all the really made a good point about having to prove something with the 335...nicely said again that was right on the dot there
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