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The "purists" are famous at Porsche because of their affinity for air cooled engines but at least they back up their conviction with their pocketbooks. A 1996 Carrera is worth more than a 2000 because of that purity. Do people flock to 2004 330s because they are better than 2008's? Did the value of them go up? No, it went down and will continue to go down to zero. Why? Because they arent' special or pretty or exclusive or even that great of a car. They are just a standard BMW.
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I'm sorry, but your take on the late model E46s is just waaaay off. My last 330Ci 6spd was an almost perfect daily driver that still allowed me to have a lot of fun. Miata over a late model E46? - you are on the wrong board dude! The E46 has a way smoother and torqier engine, a better chassis, way better looks, and better steering feel. No contest.
I am sure it was a perfect daily driver but it isn't special, rare, exotic or desireable in any way that an air cooled porsche is. In 10 years your car won't be worth the rubber it's rolling on.

I am not arguing that a Miata is better in every way than an E46, just more fun as a daily driver. Not more practical, faster or better looking. But definitely more fun handling. Ultimate grip/skidpad does not measure handling fun. A lightweight chassis and short wheel base helps that. And yes, the new miata's suspension does need some work to restore the steering feel. They made it a bit more floaty and soft. A $250 set of springs fixes it.
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