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Originally Posted by InsaneSkippy View Post
Between my deal, and an equally equipped 335i was more like 5k+ (almost 6). Even if you got a deal with the 3 series, it'd still be 4k+ more.

A majority of the people I've talked to getting the 1 series, WON'T have people in their backseat. No one is trying to say that it'd be comfortable to ride in the back, however as Chris90 mentioned, the back seat is bigger in pretty much every way BUT leg room. Besides, an inch and a half isn't that much.

The point is, you guys are pulling at straws to try to bash this car. As soon as one argument is discredited you just move on to a different topic. So I'll be interested to hear about how the stock rims look on it or something..It seems to me that those who are bashing the 1 series seem "burned" by it. I've hardly seen anyone say "meh" to the car. They either love it or hate it.

If you hate the 1 series so much, you're in the wrong forum. The 3 series forum is down one more.
335 with montego blue, leather, sport package = 39.7k ED (45K MSRP)
135 with montego blue, leather, power seats, sport package = 37k ED (39.5K MSRP)

Those are actual quoted prices from this week. Less than 3k in real world.

Dimensionally the backseat is not very different but the layout is much better in the 3 series. There is a deeper scoop so you have more headroom and your knees don't contact the front seat. With the front seat passenger knee's touching the dash the backseat passengers were also jammed against the back. There are tradeoffs in turning a 3 door hatch into a coupe in both packaging and styling. You also lose the center armrest and instead BMW gives you a piece of foam that simply falls out and lays worthlessly between the seats.

I am not "pulling at straws" since these are all valid arguments against spending nearly 40k on a small 4 seater. If you ignore the BMW badge then you can get several cars that can offers 90% of the 1 series experience at 60-70% of the price. There is a reason that BMW is only bring over 10k cars and it isn't because the 1 series is going to be a runaway success. More like a minimal flop. And the worst thing is with exchange rates like they are BMW probably only makes a pittance on each one.
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