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Originally Posted by superstock View Post
The Z4M is definitely very close to my definition of a sports car but the plethora of luxury options pushes into into the soft sports car. I honestly forgot abou the Z4M but no one can claim it is a focused sports car. It is a very good dual purpose car in that it can coddle you and perform admirably at the track. While it is definitely capable of some serious performance it is still way too heavy and is still dulled in a way that only a 3000+lb car can be.

BMW long ago forgot that the best way to add performance is to add lightness.
Long ago? How long ago was the M3 CSL? Didn't seem too long ago.
Note: OPTIONS. Nobody forces you to buy the car with options. The Z4 M in base form is a very elemental and focused sports car. Evo magazine found it to be a more thrilling and fun drive than the Boxster S. So maybe the Boxster S isn't a focused sports car either?
In the same issue, they tested a Miata with the Eibach sport spring kit available as an option from dealers. Lowers the car 35mm and firms it up. But they still found a lack of steering feel, "poor body control and a general feeling that you're not really driving a sports car at all." So this certainly goes beyond a simple spring kit. There is a fundamental change in engineering that has caused the Miata to lose much of its driving dynamics compared to earlier versions, and puts it squarely within reach of "badge" convertibles.
In light of the M Roadster beating out the Boxster for visceral thrills, it seems pretty clear that BMW does in fact make a properly focused sports car.
TopGear tested a lower-spec Z4 (non-M) against the Miata and found its 40% premium fully justified. The Miata's quality wasn't even in the same arena, and it lacked the BMW's solidness and smooth engine. It lacked the driving feel and involvement of the Z4.
Also, check out Evo's Car of the Year 2005 issue where the Miata placed dead last out of 13 everyday cars. An appalling 11 points (on a 100-point scale) behind the next lowest car, the Corvette. A BMW 130i M Sport placed 9th (+14 points over the Miata), while the E6 M3 CS placed 2nd in the group (+21 points over the Miata). The 130i brought with it the baggage of 3 extra seats and 2 extra doors, yet was still a more absorbing drive than the Miata.

Originally Posted by superstock
Hell, a 1994 Honda Del Sol or 1986 Toyota MR-2 will turn my head before an E46 M3.
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