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Drive an 06 X3 3L Diesel Auto and the gearbox is quite poor. The Stealer (dealer) tries to blame it on the difficulty the gearbox has in adapting to two different people driving the car with varying styles. Symptoms might be the revs holding at 3000rpm or more in too low a gear and you either have to kick down or I shift into Sport and then manually shift out of it. For a car of this value it's pathetic. The Stealer's answer was initially that it ws the auto engine breaking safety feature for hill descent. I almost believed that until it was happening on the flat too. It's just a poorly designed gearbox / ECU nothing less nothing more. When I suggested that kicking down to force the gear change was entirely unsafe they wnet back to blaming varying driving styles. It's just something they got wrong and should be providing a fix for. Similar issue to when it rains and water collects between the door seal and car body and then is deposited into the car on opening the door. The Stealer even said it was a 'feature' of several BMWs. Feature ? F*** uk more like.

I will address my concerns to BMWs head office in the UK because it's too much money to spend for such basic errors. Maybe next time I buy a BMW I'll ask them to sign something to say the car will be error free or they will be getting it back. See what they say.
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