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Welcome. We might be seeing you over in the e90 forum...

If you ask over there, you are going to get 335i about 10 to 0 or more.

I'll go against the trend and say 328i.

I've test-driven and autocrossed both. The big difference is power. Other than that they can be very similar if you option them out the same.

On the street, I preferred the slower NA car. The turbo's power is entirely useless here in Atlanta.

On the autocross track, you will go faster with a 335i. No question. Still I found the 328i more fun. The 328i is not a slow car....

The 335i has more of an exhaust note if you care about that sort of thing.

Then there is the price.

With our Miata coming off lease in 2 months we are shopping for a replacement.

Current candidates:

128i 'vert; 128i coupe, 328i coupe, Mini Cooper Clubman, another X3, another Miata, RX-8, clean e30.

X3 is only going to happen if we find out we can't get another e83 X3 for fall 2009.

Still have to look at the VW...
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