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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
Why would you give them your money again if they won't take care of you in the first place?

It boggles my mind that people will pay so much money to be abused after they have had a problem.

The first time I can understand, but to go back and do it again?

"Burn me once shame on you, Burn me twice shame on me", comes to mind.
A fine point well made.

You'd have thought we'd have changed dealer after they left te sump cap off of the 318 at a service or the times they serviced it and missed basic faults, misaligned the exhaust, left pieces off after services. Nah glutton for punishment after assurances were given on new servicing standards etc yada yada.

Today the X3 needed 4 new tyres so I started doing some research on the best combinations because ride quality even without the Sports Suspension (I'm wondering whether they did in fact remove it at all ) is very hard. I put it down to the Run Flats and their stiff side walls (so did the BMW Dealer). The tyres were far cheaper from a national tyre company here in the UK but they told me the tyres were not Run Flats at all just standard tubeless Dunlop SP01 Sports. Eh ? They sold the car and one of the key features were Run Flat Tyres so with a puncture we could happily get home 100km without changing them. It turns out they are not. I'm really glad that I didn't have to find out the hard way doing 70+mph on the motorway when the tyre shredded.
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