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Evl - Below is an excerpt from my original post re/ the seats and the steering wheel:

"I had not originally expected to go with the Sport Package (in large part due to my love of the heated steering wheel), but while placing the order for comfort seats with lumbar support (as part of Premium Package) I learned I could not have the Tobacco leather Priority One option with the comfort/lumbar support seats. On the other hand, I could keep the Tobacco leather with the Sports Package - so I said goodbye to the heated steering wheel.

As for the Sports Package, a few other factors helped me with the choice. First and foremost, this BB. I had participated in this thread and felt some very good points were expressed in support of the Sport Pkg. Also, the link therein to this post by Zeke77 left me more confident in this selection. On a more personal level, my other rig is a 2000 Z3, so I have a pretty good idea about what "stiff" suspension can be like - and I absolutely love the Z3's ride and performance. Also, my buddy has a 2005 X3 with the Sport Package, and I've driven it and feel its suspension is just fine. So I suspect I will be pretty happy with the stiffer suspension. As for the steering wheel, again Zeke's experience helped; although his '07 650 has a heated steering wheel his X3 has the non-heated M-steering wheel and he expressed a liking for the M-wheel. So there to I think I'll be happy with the choice."
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