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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
Folks, you gotta realise that the AT is an extremely complicated mechanism.
Sorry but that's just silly.

When I drive my wife's 2006 AT X3 there is no hesitation when accelerating from reverse or a dead stop. It's just quick and fluid power like you'd think of a BMW. You can barely even feel the gears shift. That's why I wanted one! But when you drive mine 2007 AT it's like something I'd expect from a Ford Explorer. It's not every time, but there are regular hesitations when accelerating where I can can count 1-one thousand, 2-one thousand aahhhh there it goes.

It may be complicated, but the fact that BMW got it so perfectly right in the older X3 means there's some sort of defect in the newer ones to account for the degraded performance. I don't know what, that's out of my league, but I know that's the bottom line.
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