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I had a great time and hats off to you Jon for organizing such a huge event!

I have read through several threads on several different forums and have formulated an interesting thought to speed up entry into either these grounds or any other place if it is relocated.

Pre-registration! Sell tickets for the event in the days (or even months) prior to the event, have two different lines for those who have pre-purchased tickets and those who must still do so. I have seen ticket scanners at concerts that can scan computer printouts with a barcode and it speeds up things immensely. I think if you can do little things like this one at a time it can improve the situation greatly since you the amount of time saved per entrant is multiplied by the amount of people who particpate.

Thanks again for a great show and I hope that all the people who complain about it will eventually realize how much work you put into this because it really shows with the better food situation and great organization.
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