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Originally Posted by HARLEYM3 View Post
Unfortunatley, the caravan was not held togther because of reckless drivers. We start the caravan for one and one single point. to drive as [one], hence "caravan". for the guys that actually did stay in one single formation, i tip my hat to you for staying in a group, or a "caravan". the second that i got OC/SD onto the 405 fwy...i kid you not, right as i got into the freeway from the onramp, about 3 or 4 cars went past me at about 90+ MPH..., all the guys werent even out of IKEA parking lot when we got on, so i was going 60 MPH trying to wait for the rest of the guys to get even onto the freeway onramp....i'm not sure why people showed up to the caravan if they were not intending to conduct themselves accordingly. I apologize for any inconvenience to those that actually stayed in formation. I feel really bad to for the guys that actually drove from far distances to see the speedracers FVCK everything up.....the cops are most likely to stop little groups of guys going fast instead of ONE BIG GROUP going 65-70 MPH, please dont take this experience as a good one to not join in with the caravan next year.

***to those that DIDNT stay in the caravan : JUST DONT BOTHER SHOWING UP TO THE CARAVAN NEXT YEAR............SIMPLE.
I noticed when I merged onto the 101 from Malibu Canyon you were literly RIGHT behind me. I then slowed down and allowed you to go ahead along with 3 other people and went right behind you guys in one single lane the entire way
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