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Sorry about the Troll statement

Sorry about The Troll, thought you were the Poster I quoted before.

My government is your government I am a proud American

However, the cost of owning a BMW in Germany, the European Union or anywhere else in what we consider developed countries per individual is higher by initial purchase cost,
has for the most part more expensive gasoline and has higher running costs than in the United States,

The US charges very little in taxes to cars coming to the US, BMW just wrote down millions of dollars in US Lease values becasue of a tanking market.

Yes America has become the dumping ground for all of the worlds manufactures,

I take it you are proud of that, I inturn am not yet I profit by selling my US Spec Car to a German/Eu citizen at a profit after a year of ownership Just make a few changes and Voila!

I have imported 35 European collectable vehicles into the United States when the dollar was strong, now the Europeans are buying cars in the states and sending them back

Mercedes ML Class diesel in US $48K USD in Germany 75K Euro (135K USD and guess what it is made in America !

The one series selling for $60K Dollars in the US ($60K euro here ) would anyone buy it ?

The X5 X3 are built in the US and sent to Europe,

Can you imagine how much money American car companies could make if we
charged another 10-25 Percent import duty on all cars being imported ?

Another time another story

Go to BMW .de and build a 135 and see the price, it just might scare you.

Again sorry for the Troll meant for Superstock

Originally Posted by Needagarage View Post
It is not my fault that i live in the largest capitalist automobile market in the world and manufacturers are beating down my door trying to sell cars. It only makes sense to compare cars in the same country. I have no idea what types of taxes your socialist government puts on vehicles or what restrictions they place on fuel type/displacement/weight etc. What is the price in euros of the C6 vette in Europe vs the M3? That would be a better comparision as they are both being sold in the same country. Comparing country to country is impossible as pricing has to do with volume, dealer networks, marketting, etc. Even in Canada it is much more expensive to buy a car than in the United States and they are very close. For years Canadians have been buying cars in the US and then registering them in Canada.

As the biggest market in the world the US can command the best prices. It is just wal- mart on a national scale. Germany can't compete as a market globally vs the US.
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