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Originally Posted by Zeddy4Me View Post
A Peace Officer in the State of California can give a ticket and make arrests up and down the coast... doesn't matter if you're Sheriff's dept, Police Dept or CHP...

you just got damn lucky...
I'm not sure if any sworn peace officer in the state can write tix anywhere in the state. AFAIK, to write an appropriate ticket, it must be written on the proper paperwork stating which court to appear at. For example, a San Francisco police officer will not have a the proper paperwork to write a ticket in L.A.. What he can do is detain the person and call for local authorities to come and write ticket/arrest the person.

The general breakdown of authority in California is:

City PD has jurisdiction throughout the city they are employed in.

County Sheriff has jurisdiction throughout the county they are employed in

CHP has jurisdiction throughout the state.