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Originally Posted by RaDs330 View Post
I have to agree with everything that was said above, for the most part Harley and myself were keeping together, two lanes or one we were holding it down.. I want to thank everyone whom stayed within the speed and also with the caravan...

There were quit a few individuals who never really wanted to be part of a caravan, yet they showed up to act like little kids...

true the caravan didnt stay in a tight formation however it was alot better than last year. I look forward to it again next year...

Well I was the poc leader along with HarleyM3 for the OC caravan, I was running the 330 with blue tape on the front end ( it had the OC leader sticker posted in front and back as well)... Im gonna put my point in along with the other leaders.

First and formost I want to thank those who kept up with the caravan formation and also for those who kept safe speeds...

I arrived at the Ikea at around 5:05 -5:10, and my boy Albert arrived after me as well.... I made my way around to talk to everyone and let them know who I was and whats going on...

I do apologize to those individuals who didnt keep up with the threads that were posted in order to notify you what was going on, as to caravans leaving late, well we cannot anticipate traffic and we tried to keep in contact with all the leaders to see when to merge...

Now once we were on the freeway, there were alot of careless idiot's that wanted to put on a show to see how much gas they could waste, "WOW" your rides are quick, but that's not the point to the whole caravan, if it was then we wouldnt have driven 100+ miles...

Of course we cant keep the caravan together because one: there were other people who thought they would just start leading the caravan, which in a way wasnt as bad because they kept the speed constant and safe, but the point to have a leader is so that they can LEAD, Second: we cant make other motorists get off there lanes that they are taveling in order for us to make lane changes in a group, so there for you must get in behind them or try and get ahead of them..
and lastly all those who had little speed contests on the freeway, well they are the reason why we cant even have an "Official Bimmerfest Rally", lets all take a minute to thank them.....

so to end my long post, I just wanted to thank the Leaders as well as those others that kept everything calm and together.
Well put dude, was good to see ya out there.
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