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Mein Auto: probably 135i or Evo X
Same here man I am deciding on getting the 135i or Evo X MR. So this is what it comes down to personal preference. Because they both are great cars with different advantages, for a daily drive/(few track) car I would choose the 135i I test drove it and had a blast driving it it was fun and fast. The Evo X MR is not out yet only the GSR and I could not test drive it but I saw it looks nice as f*** in the red but the interior is its downfall plus its a if you wanna pick up chicks the 135i is more of a chick magnet, but the Evo is more performance, plus upgrades are going to be cheaper then a bimmer. So if your into moddifying your car and you not richy rich then the evo would be cheaper in the long run because usually the Japaneses after market pars are less then Euro parts. Then you got the 1 series fast too and fun to drive has a luxurious interior compared to the Evo X. I have a tough choice to make but either car I get I will be a happy mother F*** both are great cars. One can decide only from personal CHOICE to buy an Evo or 135
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