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My Bimmerfest Photographs

Here is my compilation of photographs from my trip to Bimmerfest 2008 in Santa Barbara. It was my 7th time attending the 'fest, and probably the biggest yet. I was a little perturbed by the parking situation, I'm all for finding a new venue next year. Anywho, I caravaned down with the BayBimmerz crew friday morning as always, then stayed at the ramada which had a celebrity show up saturday night. I took some pics of him (Chuck Liddell aka iceman) with his Ferrari F430, and his girlfriend but I think I deleted those on accident. I also snapped 1 shot of Kpip's famous Dayton lol. On the way back up north we stopped in Morro Bay for lunch again, and after that I decided to pull off and take in the beautiful California scenery. Made me remember why I love this state so much. The rest are self explanatory. Enjoy and let me know if you need any high-res's.

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