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Originally Posted by plastique999 View Post
Jo as usual....SWEEET pics!!!!!

+1 Alicia is beautimous!...maybe she'll give my office a call
lol...u and ur prospecting! i swear! ur job is the bomb! =P

Originally Posted by rivercity View Post
Knock it off Jo.........Me Lady keeps thinking I'm looking at porn when I'm on Bimmerfest.......haha.

Great pics, wish I could have made the trip down.
there's always next year! =)

Originally Posted by Raff View Post
Thanks Jo,

Now I can't work at the office. he he

I love the pics. And thanks for putting me as the last pic.......
saved the best for last lol! =P

Originally Posted by Robar View Post
Nice pics, Jo
Thanks Sobi!!! =)
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