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Such a tough decision. I dont have either car but worship both. To get input from a non bias person owning neither car, I would say it depends on what you want and here's another highlight of what you get from both cars.

Before explaining, the obvious must be said. If you are looking for a drag car, 335i all the way. Track car, M3 all the way.

As a daily driver, here are the things I seen and still look to address:

- better gas mileage
- more comfort inside
- better ride? (many complaints about run flat tires so this is debatable)

- Can take way more abuse (I know too many people that hit 7900 rpm on a daily basis and no engine issues)
- great handle for switching lanes
- CHEAPER (this is my biggest debate. With cheaper prices on older M3's, very tempting to grab over a 335i)
- SM fawking G (biggest reason I plan to get an M3)

I'm a big fan of turbo's and I would only get louder BOV if I ever upgraded a 335i (too expensive to mod + car is perfect the way it is on both sides), but concerns of turbo's dieing later worry me.

My biggest desire is an automatic that feels like a manual. Best of both worlds. I currently drive stick and would like another but hate waiting in traffic and this issue almost made me go standard auto. To have the privilege of driving an SMG is enough to make an M3 my first choice. Although 335i has paddle shifters and everyone says auto 335i drives just as good as a manual, i prefer SMG over anything. Looks better also.

I'm currently in an older Maxima so power/handle doesnt matter to me cause i'll be happy whichever way I go. Driveability and comfort and price are my prioritiies.

Driveability - M3 due to SMG
Comfort - 335i but with stock tires, M3 still edges
Price - M3 now found under 30k easily with an extended warranty

Hopefully my input has helped others?
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