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Mein Auto: 1982 Hartge H3

Originally Posted by Jon S. View Post

A buddy of mine sold a perfect Hartge H3 that he had owned (garaged) since the 80's a couple of years ago for around 6K. It's in the archives of the classifieds forum here...

Jon, I searched the archives till my eyes blurred and could not find the ad mentioned. Since these cars are SOooo very rare, whenever I hear about another E21 Hartge I make an attempt to track it down, because (I think) two known would be better than only one. So, if it's not to much to ask if/when you happen to bump into your buddy who had the H3, and you remember, would you give my BF contact info to him? Maybe there's info about the car, be it past or present location, he might foward on to me.
Thanks in advance for any help.
GREAT job on the 08 fest, and for whats it's worth, the drive thru the dirt stables wasn't that bad either.
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