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Question Idle/tranny problem

I wanted to share an issue I've encountered with all of you, I don't think it has been addressed yet, but considering the length of this forum, I may have missed it...

I have a 2007 X3 (automatic transmission), purchased (leased, actually) in Oct 2006. It was the first X3 off of our dealers lot, and I have to say I love it. However-- I began having an issue, oh about two months ago, with the idle of the car. I noticed that occassionally while at a stop light, the car felt like it was going to stall, but only briefly. I know that the RPMs were dropping, but by the time I felt it and looked at the gauge, it had passed. It happened on occassional basis, like I said, but has become more and more recurrent to the point that it was happening two and three times in a row at a single stop light after driving for maybe 10 mins or so. It's important to note that while driving, the car is running fine and there is no issue with the smoothness that the car changes gear. Eventually, I convinced my husband that it was enough of an issue to warrant a service check, as I love the service department at our dealership (Fairfax BMW), and our service manager specifically! She was out sick yesterday, but the department called my husband at 5pm last night and left him a message that there was indeed a problem with the car, and that they would need to replace the ENTIRE transmission! My reaction was pure happiness, b/c
1. It meant I wasn't crazy and there IS a problem, and
2. Relief, b/c I didn't have to find out about the transmission going bad the hard way (i.e. breaking down on the side of the road with my 14 month old son in the back seat)

My question, since I haven't heard back from them yet, is what in the world could the problem have been with a transmission that has 21,000 miles on it that would need the overhaul, and has anyone else run into this problem? Like I said, I love my X3 and it has worked out very very well for my family, but I can say that if I had been considering buying out the lease at the end of the terms (I'm not, but it wasn't because of the car at that point, but the size of our family), that now I wouldn't be so sure....thanks for your help!!
~JB, driver of "MISTER X", Northern Virginia
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