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Originally Posted by tonyyank View Post
That pic was taken in the summer, its all fixed now

I had some podunk mech look at it and all he said was "Your rear end is almost off the frame" I immediatly left. This is just a fun car, I own it. I beat it, and it blows in the snow. Just seeing if i HAVE to fix it, or it SHOULD be fixed. If i drop the clutch at about 3K its like BANG!!! If I ease off the clutch, its just sqeeks. I fixed one of the RSM already that took another noise away lol I wish I knew who had this car from new, cause they have absolutly NO respect for a BMW. Dumbass!!! Weekly and Monthly maint. on any vehicle is a must. My truck feels bad for my little bimmer
No offense but it sounds like you don't have very much respect for your bmw, you should never drop the clutch in any bmw, they arent made for it, dual mass flywheels get ruined from it and it is hard on the whole car. Bmw is a track car not a drag car, if you want a straight line car by a mercedes..
cuz there to heavy to turn corners anyways hahaha.
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