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I hope resurrecting old threads is acceptable etiquette here. This thread is exactly pertinent to my question, and I've already gotten a wealth of information from it (thank you!).

While trying to determine why my tilt steering won't work (I checked fuses, all OK) the backward-forward buttons on my drivers seat stopped working too. Now I realize from this forum that the Memory Module in the driver's seat controls both.

So I took the side seat panel off and found the Memory Module had been jimmy rigged before I bought the car. It was cracked, super glued, and wrapped in electrical tape! I think I found my problem.

In the process I saw that the side panel was broken at both places where the bolts hold it on so I need a new one.

So, two questions:

1. Can anyone tell me what color this is so I can buy the correct one?

2. Where's the best place to buy the black box Memory Module (Seat Control Unit)?

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