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Originally Posted by sdbrandon View Post
If you are talking about a Camry wagon that is one thing. But up scale car buyers don't care a flip about what you just said.

If you want to save money, buy a cheaper car. Don't buy an expensive car as a compromise to save a few bucks compared to a more expensive car. In the end you get nothing but a car no one wants.

And I don't agree the wagon has any more passenger space, utility, or towing capacity than an SUV.

SUV's are not going away. Just fewer will be able to afford them. But then again few can afford an M3/M6, or any other car that has lower gas mileage. The majority drive micro diesel cars.

Any car that is desirable but gets poor mileage will gravitate to the affluent buyer. The blue collar crowd will drive prius or something else. That is the way it has been in Europe for decades.

Why would anyone buy less performance and utility for more money just because they can afford it? That's absurd. And the average wagon doesn't have more utility than the average SUV, but it sure has more utility than the X6.

"Any car that is desirable but gets poor mileage will gravitate to the affluent buyer."

That's ridiculous too. I find most high end buyers like bitching about the price of gas just like everyone else. And I find I rather enjoy it when my 6 cylinder Porsche getting 19 mpg blows the doors off the Escalade in the next lane getting 12 mpg. It's a double win. And I'm not alone.
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