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The interior is very small and cramped -- and e60ish plain and cheap feeling. Nicer leather for sure, but a plain dash and loads of "platstic." Just not classy BMW style.

It feels very small inside, like recent Accords which clearly targeted female buyers. Young guys and hot chicks will probably dig it, if they can afford it. Middle-aged guys with bigger guts and bigger wallets might find it a poor fit. It feels like a car designed for someone 5'5" or less.

More than anything, I was disappointed. I had dreamed of this car for some time and anxiously awaited its release. What a disappointment.

The exterior is nothing spectacular and it does look a lot like an Infinity or Pontiac. In fact, having seen some of the new Pontiacs on the street, I like their look and sound much better. Obviously they're not the same caliber of car, but for less than half the $, not looking too bad.

For me, the clincher was the cramped interior and "smallish" size for a car with so much weight. It seems much smaller and cramped than prior M3s -- despite the added bulk moving it into the heavyweight catagory. And its horsepower is not overwhelming for a sled that heavy. The new M3 acceration stats prove it. Solid mid-level performance stats for sure, but nothing spectacular. There are a lot of cheaper cars that are as fast or faster. And most of the expensive production performance cars (i.e.: Porche, Corvette, Viper, AMG etc) will still be smiling at you in their rear view mirrors. Plus, the new M3 loves the taste of $5 gas.

Time will tell, but I put my M3 dreams back on hold, perhaps forever. At my age, I'm definately not BMWs target market for the M3. But as the power and price goes up, that demo has either got to change, or BMW's market will shrink. How many 20-30 somethings have 70 K to drop, when there are much cheaper, yet fast alternatives?

I see a lot of young guys in the Pontiacs these days, and think very few midlifers are rushing in to buy the new M3.

BMW targeting has either intentionally shifted to rich new markets on distant shores, or someone more than just Bangle is missing the boat.

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