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I'd have a tough time not telling them to go f*#@ themselves. I read your post. Trust me I've said way worse about my local dealer but they took the high road with me and it worked. You catually complimented them about a bunch of things.

Now I trust my dealer and deal with them regularly. We have a very positive relationship and I recommend them to others because they went out of their way to find out why I was flaming them and they did their best to correct it. Thats a professional approach that BMW would endorse. I got the same crap from BMW about the dealers. So they don't have any control over their distribution nertwork? For a company so focused on brand image I find that hard to believe.

Part of being in retail is taking sh1t from customers, doesn't matter if they don't like it. Who exactly do they think they are? They should be asking you what they did wrong and how they can correct it. Maybe apoligize for coming off so arrogant and seeing it from your side.

Those d1cks shouldn't have a franchise.

What a bunch of a$$hats.
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