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BOYCOTT!!! They need not push you around with scare tactics. If they wanted to rebuke they should go down the same avenue. Its called feedback, and some will be negative. Run your business right and most will be positive!
Its one thing to "negotiate" and another to make you feel like a moron for even suggesting it. A sales person has to be the bigger person because they are wearing the suit and tie to impress you (and gain YOUR business) while you wear the flip flops and feel comfortable. NOT the other way around.

Here is how it SHOULD have gone:
1. You give sales person an offer.
2. Sales person (whether agrees with offer personally or not) runs to manager and asks for approval.
3. Manager said no, but will offer you X.
4. I don't agree with X, but thank you for your business.

5. You walk away to other dealer to find better price, but sales person calls you back with final (or better offer).

THATS the way negotiation SHOULD be. Not this, "No way we would EVER offer you that price" and make you feel stupid. You are the reason they are even there. PERIOD.

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