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Originally Posted by GT_BMW View Post
I have no problem with the dealership telling him no. Where the problem lies is that they went so far as to surf the net, found his comments and hunted him down to tell him he was not welcome at their dealership.
Yeah, I agree that the dealer wasn't exactly a saint.. They could have just politely said "We understand you threw us under the bus on the internet and we would prefer you take your business elsewhere" and left it at that. They didn't need to rake him over the coals over it. It sounds like they effectively delivered the message, however

I remember several years ago when I had my 540, I kept having to bring it in for low coolant warnings. The dealer could never figure out why (yes, the coolant level was fine). Rather than yell at them I decided to leave a box of KrispyKreme donuts on the dashboard the last time I brought it in. Guess what: problem solved!!!
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