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Originally Posted by jwac View Post

I hope they learned a lesson from this. And I REALLY hope they're reading this thread. The internet generation is growing up, and airing dirty laundry from a bad purchase experience like this is going to become increasingly common. Slander? No, it's exposing the *********gery that goes on every single day in dealerships across the country. The GM may not have known about his lousy salesperson, but he damn well better do something about it now. They lost a sale, a service customer, and now it's going to cost them a fraction of their image too.

Dealerships had better wake up to the power of the information age. Fewer and fewer people are going to be walking into their showrooms with a "Please screw me" sign taped to their forehead now that invoice prices, lease and finance rates, other transaction fees, AND shopping experiences are easily accessible to anyone.

Anyone remember the guy in SoCal who tried to buy the M3 off eBay from the dealership in Nebraska? (might have the state wrong)

That's one of the first thoughts I had when reading this post. Fortunately for this dealership this probably isn't a big enough deal to go viral, but it has that potential - 1600 views and 111 responses in 5 hours since it was first posted. They took an innocuous comment made in a thread that got no response posted in a forum that gets relatively little attention and made it into a "front page" story. Good job.

Originally Posted by 4BMWFamily View Post
Well, there's always two sides to a story, huh? Actually three if you believe the old adage of their's his side, our side, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Here's Flow's side:

Its routine for companies to monitor internet message boards for content about themselves, In today's world, its a good business practice.

The funny thing about "Coontie's" post was that he has never been here and actually worked with a salesman or sales manager with regards to his car purchase, yet he can use broad brush generalizations about Flow's sales process being equal to something with a broomstick. (shrug)

"Coontie" has admitted to taking advantage of the Saturday free car wash, which is reserved for sales customers. He also likes the free coffee, it is pretty good. These items also cost money, which comes from the sales, service, and parts departments.

Today, he asks us to post date the RO on his tire so he can buy tire insurance (elsewhere) to cover a nail in his tire, so he can get it replaced for free. Huh?

Lets be serious here folks. We're very concerned about our reputation and we're going to look into these kinds of posts seriously. We're 7 time Center of Excellence award winners and we have a lot of happy customers and his statements about our sales process are not deserved.

A wise man once said to make your words soft and sweet in case one day you should have to eat them.
You guys really shot yourselves in the foot with this response.

That sound you hear right now within the BMW internet community is your reputation swirling it goes straight down the toilet.

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