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Originally Posted by BMWBabe View Post
Unreal... This reminds me of a good ol' wild west style lynching. The villagers have lit their torches and brought the sharp lawn tools out of the shed and have the rope at the ready. Boys boys boys...shame on you!!!! Comparisons to Abu Ghraib...? Suggestions of contacting the local news...? Posting Mr. Flow's information...? Ridiculous!!!!

The majority of you who are running your yap know absolutely NOTHING about Flow BMW - only what this guy "coontie" is telling you. In fact, many of you live nowhere near NC yet you are getting in lock step with the "ruin Flow with bad publicity" crowd. Why? To what end? Do you really know what transpired at the dealership? Do you really care?

Unlike most of you, I am very familiar with Flow BMW. I have purchased TWO cars in the past three years from Flow (a MINI Cooper S and my BMW 328i) and have found their sales process to be nothing short of excellent. I am one of their paying customers who takes advantage of the Saturday carwash and excellent coffee (thank you). As such, I know their general manager, most of their sales people, many of their service people, and a few of their Saturday car wash detail people quite well. And, yes, I have met and spoken with Don Flow. The accusations and venom leveled against the people and this company are undeserved.

One would be hard pressed to find a better BMW operation anywhere. The people in the organization care about the customer and customer satisfaction is tantamount. I have never heard one complaint from anyone and I know many many BMW devotees in this town. I also know people who have purchased vehicles from their other dealerships - Buick and Cadillac - who have been happy Flow customers for years. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that the poster is simply a difficult person who likes making trouble for others and the rest of you aren't using your brains - only chest thumping testosterone.

I have a challenge for you boys. Lest you think I am making it up, check out their track record. Don't just listen to some obscure internet joker gifted with a dramatic writing style making spurious and unproven comments. Learn the facts!!!
You, saintor and the dealer are flat out clueless. This has nothing to do with cootie. Coontie could be a known criminal for all I care. The way the dealership handled this situation is flat out pathetic. They could have chosen the high road, but they didn't. They could have chosen to be professional, but they didn't. They could have tried to turn this into a positive with great PR for the dealership, but they didn't. They chose to take him in a private room and interrogate (question), whatever. It doesn't make any difference.

Do you deny that they took him to a private room and questioned him? That alone is flat out disgusting unless he was acutally doing something criminal against the dealership. It's flat out disgusting that any business would act in this manner against a consumer. Nearly impossible to believe any BMW dealership would act in this manner.

Quite honestly, I didn't find any of coontie's original comments offensive. He was very complimentary of the people and only made reference to the prices in a humorous way. If the dealership doesn't like that then maybe the should start being competitive with normal dealers.
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