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Originally Posted by TireSmoke View Post
My only concern is, it may take 3-5 days to get the tires from Tirerack. Not many shops keep specific low profiles in stock (I just put on Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S on). In the meantime I would need to go to work (60 miles roundtrip). So, I would have to drive 180-300 miles on a spare. If this is too much, I would have to garage the car and sit home. Then a question comes up - why not skip the whole spare tire thing and use the mobility kit, which is lighter, smaller and cheaper. I am only leaning towards a spare if it allows me to use the car while I am awaiting the new tire. Any thoughts, guys?

there is no mileage limitation that i can find anywhere online. i suspect that unless you wore the spare tire out, there's no issue with running it for a few hundred miles. similar compact spares are rated for 1-3,000 miles of treadwear. as long as you keep within the speed limit, the tire properly inflated and load limits, you should be find up to the tread life of the spare.

the issue with the mobility kit is, i actually have one of those, is that a sidewall rupture caused by a pothole, or a puncture beyond a certain size, cannot be sealed by a moblility kit.

Originally Posted by TireRack
Without even removing the foreign object (such as nails or screws) in the case of a fast leak or a flat tire, activating the ContiComfortKit sealant will inject the liquid latex tire sealant and the compressor will reinflate the tire to comfortably provide a quick and simple temporary repair of the most common tire hazards, such as tread area punctures caused by nails and screws up to approximately 1/4-inch (6mm) in diameter.
A typical passenger car tire that is flat will take less than seven minutes to fill.
Once the sealant is activated and inflation pressure is correctly set and confirmed with the ContiComfortKit's integral air pressure gauge (NOTE: normal pencil, dial and/or digital tire pressure gauge may become contaminated by the sealant and should not be used) after driving a few miles, the temporarily repaired tire is ready to be driven for up to 125 miles (200 km) at speeds up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

the really interesting thing is, i looked up the "M" Speed rating that the continental spare tire carries.
M corresponds to 81mph or 130kph. not that i would ever recommend running a compact spare above the manufacturer's stated limit of 50mph, but it does look like the tire is capable of higher speeds.

the full descriptor is 102 M

a load index of 102 corresponds to 1874lbs compared to the stock load rating of 88 for the fronts and 90 for the rears.... 1235lbs and 1323lbs respectively.

i suspect that this is a worse case scenario, to ensure that the tire can handle any possible extreme load. it does suggest that the temp spare is pretty rugged for what it is.
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