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What a difference a couple weeks makes . I think I'm back, if not 100%, then pretty darn close to where I was pre-update. It really went downhill this week. I was at an intersection, saw an opening in traffic, put my foot to the throttle and...nothing. For 2-3 seconds, as a car was bearing down on me, nothing at all happened, then it all came on at once. I'm back to looking like I'm driving (badly) a poorly-coordinated manual tranny car. I called my SA and let him know that the fix worked for a week or two, but it has reverted back to its demented former state.

In a related development, I located a very nice E53 X5 4.4i that's beckoning me to come closer. I like the gas mileage of the X3 (21mpg in overall drving), but my commute is only 12 miles per day, and the V8 in the X5 - and especially the fact that it has NO driveability issues or weird shifting problems - is making it look better and better to me every day.

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CA330i - I didn't notice much difference in SD mode, honestly. I will try to see how it performs under those conditions today and post back my results. I have noticed that the 2-1 downshift when coming to a stop is more abrupt than before, but not in any way unacceptable or unreasonable.

Per my earlier post regarding the procedure that was performed, the service order says, ""DC 24 00 38 61 00. Updated EGS and DME software per SI B24 08 07. DME failed to reprogram on first attempt. DME reprogrammed on second attempt."

The more I drive it, the more I notice it feels like a totally different vehicle. I was set to trade it because it was just no fun to drive; that is not the case any longer. I might just keep it around for a while...

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