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Originally Posted by Driver8 View Post

What a difference a couple weeks makes . I think I'm back, if not 100%, then pretty darn close to where I was pre-update. It really went downhill this week. I was at an intersection, saw an opening in traffic, put my foot to the throttle and...nothing. For 2-3 seconds, as a car was bearing down on me, nothing at all happened, then it all came on at once. I'm back to looking like I'm driving (badly) a poorly-coordinated manual tranny car. I called my SA and let him know that the fix worked for a week or two, but it has reverted back to its demented former state.

In a related development, I located a very nice E53 X5 4.4i that's beckoning me to come closer. I like the gas mileage of the X3 (21mpg in overall drving), but my commute is only 12 miles per day, and the V8 in the X5 - and especially the fact that it has NO driveability issues or weird shifting problems - is making it look better and better to me every day.
At least you got a couple of weeks. I got a couple of HOURS! Whatta load of crap.
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