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Originally Posted by x3ml View Post
It's probably extremely costly to PROPERLY fix all the affected vehicles, that's why they'll keep saying wait for the next software updates that do nothing or very little incremental improvements. They figure that it'll still cost much less with the potential loss of existing and future customers plus the chance of loosing any lawsuits due to product safety and class action. IMO
+1 I truly believe the cure will only be seen on the '09 models and if and only if the updates are downward compatible, then you'll find a solution to the existing models. Otherwise, they'll just keep dragging and denying the problem as they have been doing for the past year. I don't even think they give a damn to the potential loss of future sales on this model. Just take a look at the lease rate of the X3 this past couple of months. They are higher than any of the 3 Series except the M3. This tells me that they are eager to sell any 3 Series than an X3. Since it is almost the end of the model year, the most logical way of thinking from the marketing standpoint of view is to wait till September.
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