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X3 Dangerous - Tranny hesitates & looses power

I bought a CPO BMW X3 3.0si fully loaded with every option from BMW Seattle and transported it to Connecticut. Periodically the X3 loses power if I am idling for a few minutes and try to accelerate. I experience it more often than now when waiting to turn left across a double yellow line to go into a gas station or driveway. If there is what would be ample time to cross when driving any other vehicle, the X3 tends to lundge forward and jerk to a stop for a few seconds before it accelerates forward. One time it did it twice as oncoming traffic almost drove into me before I was able to move out of the road. Another time a car was veering towards me and I could not just accelerate to move out of the way. Any one who has driven my X3 has had the same issue and felt as it they could have been killed.

I brought it in for service on Friday the 18th and complained of the trouble. The rep said there was a SIB on this and I would have to schedule an appt to leave the car. We won't mention that BMW should never have let me drive my car out of there. I was given an appt for Fri the 25th. The same rep seemed to not know of any SIB. She insisted that the service tech drive with me to see what the problem is. Anyone who knows of this problem realizes how ridiculous this is. It is a problem that is not only intermittent and can not be duplicated ad hoc, but a problem no one in their right mind wants to chance duplicating on public roads for fear that someone will collide into them - usually head on.

But they insisted, and of course, the tech did not experience it, and made sure to tell the rep he did not have a problem. I blew a bit of a gasket at the audacity, so they tried to calm me down and appease me, saying the just wanted to be sure what they were about to fix so I would be happy.

Well, they called for me to pick up the car today. I was not comfortable with their blase response that they simply did a program update, but the tech found no issues when he drove the car to test it after. Again, it is intermittent, but they seem to not recognize that fact. So, before I picked it up I wanted to be armed with info that they should have already, and came across this thread as well as other blogs on this same problem. In fact, the only problem the X# has is this, and the rare "clunk forward" when you stop the X3. The clunk I can deal with - it is annoying, but not deadly. Every complaint in each category for the 2007 x3 is regarding the dangerous hesitant issue on the site.

So, what do we do from here. My dealer says they did the SIB 12 17 07 upgrade which supercedes the SIB 24 08 07 upgrade. I get the feeling that they don't fully recognize the issue, though they finally admitted that others have had it after I insisted they put in writing my complaint and that they were letting my truck be given back to me fully cleared by them, in the event I ended up crashing because of it.

Has anyone had any success getting the problem fixed? Is the 12 17 07 the right fix?

Any advice would be appreciated. I love my X3otherwise, but don't feel it is safe.
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