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Probably just one module: the infamous ABS module. Did you check the codes or have a mechanic do it? I ask because you should also be on the lookout for warnings of multiple speed sensor failures.

The ABS/DSC module is placed in a bad position in the engine bay right next to the motor with little shielding from heat. As the car warms up a lot of the heat from the engine gets radiated and blown right over the electro-hydraulic module. Over time the repetitive cycle of heating and cooling will expand and contract the soldered joints and electronics in the module thousands of times. Expand, contract. Expand, contract. In time solder joints will crack. As we should all know, materials expand with temperature increase, especially metals. That is why your dash warning lights turn on when your car warms up after about 30 minutes; when the engine is cool the module is cool and all the parts of the soldering joints are in contact with each other. When they both heat up then the metal expands, so do the joints and also the cracks between the joints. Suddenly the circuits are broken and the module is inoperative. If your lights come on after driving a short time, it's a VERY good sign of the module being bad. The 1999 and 2000 528s are notorious for this. To check for certain be sure to run the codes. If it gives you multiple wheel speed sensors malfunctioning then it's likely it's the module because the probability of multiple speed sensors going bad all at once is a lot lower than the probability of one single module going bad. However, your symptoms as they are now are on your year car are enough to make me confident that it's likely your module.

Ball park is $1200 for a new module. The alternative is to have it remanufactured. In the e39 world there are basically two choices: BBA Remanufacturing for ballpark $225 and some change with a lifetime warranty, or Module Masters for roughly $320. I say roughly $320 because Gavin (of Module Masters) charges $300 flat for the repair and you have your choices of shipping back to you, $14 being the cheapest, plus shipping it out to them, for which I paid $8 and some change. So with Module Masters I'm out the door for $322 and change with a 5-year warranty. Why did I choose Module Masters over BBA if BBA is cheaper with a lifetime warranty? I found more reviews on this board for Module Masters. I don't mean to imply that there are more positive reviews for Module Masters than BBA, I just found more info for Module Masters and it made me feel more secure. Search for both and make a choice. Locating the module is simple - it's right on top of the engine bay with plenty of room around it. You can find it easily on the passenger's side. It's the black box that looks like it's electronic and with shiny metal tubes coming out of it. Taking out the module is a snap - it's just six Torx screws, and you send it off at your convenience. Mind you, you won't have DSC/ASC or ABS, a speedometer, and a haywire fuel gauge while it's out, but you don't have these things anyway when all the dash lights come on so just be careful while driving for a little over a week. How well does it work? Like I said, there are a lot of positive reviews and both places offer a full refund if you still have problems. My module came back and all the lights went off instantly, I got my speedometer back, speed-sensitive radio volume back, my fuel level indicator is no longer haywire, and I have ABS and DSC.

cn90's also found a post on how to repair a VOLVO ABS module, might be similar to an e39. He didn't try it, just pointed to it:
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