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This is my first post because the dealer manager told me about this site and said that they consider it very popular among BMW enthusiasts. We discussed that this problem had been documented by dozens of people on other boards, so I thought it prudent to warn other enthusiasts about the problem before incurring a potential very large expense (the vanos unit by itself is apparently $2500).

Actually it is nearly impossible to over rev an SMG car because it is rev limited + the transmission shifts the car automatically during daily driving. But in my case, I have never even red lined the car. They are refusing coverage because the car has a supercharger installed (despite the fact that that they have failed to prove any causal relationship between the supercharger and the self contained vanos unit (as required under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act), the same dealer installs Dinan superchargers on the same car, and the tech at the dealer said "there is no way a supercharger could cause an internal vanos failure").

"Good engine" is a pretty vague term. First, the E46 engine (M54) and the E46 M3 engine (S54) are different motors. But curious you mention that, because I stumbled upon a large number of M54 vanos failures as well. Nevertheless, just because you may know some people who have E46 M3s who may not have had vanos failures yet, does not mean that BMW is not manufacturing E46 M3 motors with defective vanos units. I never had an engine failure on my 2003 E46 M3 Cabrio, but I received a recall letter from BMW NA requesting to rebuild my motor to replace defective internal parts. Attempting to find people you know as specific examples is failure of logic. In order to opine authoritatively on the problem, one must review the BMW statistics. However, given the number of posts I found at the referred links, my lawsuit will get that information in discovery. I'll be sure to post here for your information if possible.

I also stumbled upon some posts indicating that BMW NA actually repurchased a few E46 M3s from customers for vanos failures after they fought BMW in lemon law proceedings.

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A few questions.

Why is this your first post?

The earlier M3 engine issue was due to defective rod bearings. Your issue is different. Why is BMW refusing coverage? Did you over rev the engine?

The E46 engine has been out a long time. I have friends with them and the only issue I heard the most is SMG problems.

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