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Mosaically Custom BMW Photo Mosaic Special
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At, we make it easy and affordable to get your own high quality custom photo mosaics. So, what is a photo mosaic? It is an image made of thousands of small images. If you have lots of digital photos sitting around you computer, we can help you turn those photos into a beautiful photo mosaic. It could be a great gift to someone special in your life. You can easily upload those photos to our website and have us make a free preview of your very own custom photo mosaic at our forum. You can see what your photo mosaic will look like before placing a print order. We can print as large as 5' by 3.3' and even on canvas. Also, if you don't have digital photos, but have at least one digital video from traveling, vacation, wedding, or at home, we can capture hundreds or thousands of images from those videos and turn them into a beautiful piece of photo mosaic artwork.

We are big fans of BMW cars too. We know how much Bimmerfesters like car pics, so we thought it would be great if Bimmerfesters gathered all those cool car pics together, and make a custom BMW photo mosaic and use your favorite photo of your car as the main background image, and use all the photos Bimmerfesters gathered as the small pictures that make up the mosaic. We've made a gallery at our website which allows you to keep your copyrights of the photos you contribute.

A nice photo mosaic requires at least 300 to 500 photos. So, to get those first few hundred photos, we're going to giveaway fifty $50 gift cards. If you are one of the first 50 Bimmerfesters who upload some photos of their BMW to our gallery, and reply to this post with your username on our site, we will private message you a $50 gift card which you can use to get a 2' by 1.5' photo mosaic print at

Click on a sample below to visit

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