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WAM - thanks so much for your initial post/tutorial as it came in very hand for me today.

A few weeks ago, I added new fluid to my reservoir (I have a 2003 330ci) and when I checked it after filling, it wasn't pumping the fluid through the lines. I checked all the fuses, and sure enough, they were all ok.

After doing some searching on the 'net for this issue, I came across this thread. What a relief. I figured my pump was bad, so I went to autozone and picked up their replacement pump (same as the one posted above) for $12.99. Once I replaced the pump following your instructions, it worked like a charm.

On thing to note: the autozone part had two leads coming off the pump - both were blue wires with stripes (red & white if I remember correctly). The BMW, however, had a black lead and a brown lead leading to the pump. The instructions that came with the pump to said to just line up the appropriate colored wires and you're done (blue with white stripe to blue with white stripe, etc). Since I couldn't tell which wire was which on the BMW, I decided to follow the usual rule of black wire=ground. The new pump from autozone DID mark which wires were positive and negative, so that was somewhat of a relief.

After connecting the brown wire to the positive lead on the new pump and the black wire to the ground on the pump, I'm pleased to say it worked like a charm!

Thanks again for your post, it was most helpful!

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